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About The Community

About The Community

About the Community

The Community at Drum Class is a place where members can talk and socialize about pretty much anything… as long as it’s drums. It’s kind of like a drums-only facebook, but it’s not being looked at by your boss, and nobody’s trying to sell you anything (except for cool drumming videos).

If you’re not used to Social Networking, it could take a little time to get used to how the Community works. But, that’s ok because we’re here to help you out. We all have stuff to learn, and that’s the whole idea. If you’re not a member yet, click here to sign-up for the free trial!


Here’s a quick overview of the main Drumming Community features. If you have any questions, the best place to ask them (and to look for answers) is in the Community itself! Go ahead and give it a try!

– Rich


My Activity: This is where things you’ve done in the Community are listed. Since there are different places to ask questions and do different things, your My Activity Page sums it all up for you. You can also add things directly into your My Activity Stream like pictures and other cool stuff for me or other members to check out.

Activity: This is a lot like your My Activity Page, but it can include stuff that everybody has done. This page is also referred to as “Site Activity”. Here you can see summaries of questions other members have asked, cool stuff that’s been uploaded, or something new that I’ve done on the site or just in general. You can filter this page so you only see what you’re interested in.

Members: This page gives you any easy way to list and search for other members on the site so you can communicate with them or just check out something they’ve done. You can “Friend” members to make it easier to find and interact with them. This also allows you to filter the Site Activity so that only things your Friends are doing show up. This could be especially important when a ton of people eventually join the site and you have a hard time sifting through the action! 😉

Groups: Groups help to organize different types of activity and ideas on the site. For example, there is a group called “Drum Class” which is for everything related to learning the Drums. Another group is called “Using the Website” which covers questions related to using the features of the site and any problems you might have. If you are a member of the “Drum Class” Group (which everyone should be), things that happen in this group will show up when you look at the Site Activity Stream. Depending on your Notification Settings, you may also receive an email. The idea is that you go to the group to partake in group activity, but you don’t have to go looking into the group activity to know what’s going (it’ll be in the Activity Stream).

Forums: Forums are linked pretty tightly to groups. For every group there’s a corresponding forum, and in the Forum is where new topics are started (questions being asked, or an announcement being made, etc). Members can respond to existing topics and start their own. The Forums are where the majority of the information and discussions will take place at Drum Class.

Final notes (for now): For all the site wide things in the Community (like Forums and Groups, etc), you can more easily get to the things that you’re interested in by going to “My Groups” (the groups you’re a member of) or “My Forum Topics” (The topics/questions that you started in the Forums), etc. These things are all available under your “My Classroom” menu. Just hover over it and you’ll see. I’m sure this is a lot to take in, but the best way to see what the Drumming Community has to offer it to use it! So go for it!