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About The Credit Store

About The Credit Store

About the Credit Store

The Drum Class Credit Store has helped me to realize a lot of great things for the site. Above all else, I wanted the site to be affordable and fun (fun for me too), and I think the Credit Store is a big part of that.

It takes a crazy amount of time for me to put together a good video with various camera angles, but this is a big part Drum Class, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. However, to capture all of the stuff I wanted to put on the site, I also needed to consider some shorter, easier to shoot clips with less editing time to cover small, but important things. Since these videos didn’t really fit with the others, I wanted to handle them differently. I also wanted a way to reward members for being part of Drum Class. This is where the Credit Store comes in. It’s as simple as earning credits for being great Monthly Members and redeeming them on the videos of your choice. I call these Credit Store videos “Short Takes”. It’s likely that I’ll be on tour, and have just finished a sound check or a rehearsal when putting one of these videos together, so you might catch a glimpse of some other cool gig related stuff too.

To start, you’ll earn credits for a few things.

1). Signing up for for the Free Trial (10 credits)
2). For every month you’re an active “Monthly Member” (20 credits)
3). For purchasing a personalized video critique (100 credits)

In the future, you’ll be able to earn credits for other things; I have lots of ideas. You’ll also be able to redeem your credits on other cool stuff, like an awesome Drum Class T-shirt that I know you’re dying to have!

Anyway, back to my comment about affordable and fun. The Credit Store has no cost, and it should be fun for both you and me. Fun for you to get credits and redeem them. Fun for me to shoot the Short Take videos and think of other great stuff you can redeem your credits for!

– Rich