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About the Scheduled Videos

About the Scheduled Videos

About the Scheduled Videos

Drum Class scheduled videos are based on a relatively new concept called “Dripping” that is especially useful for sites that are offering educational material. The general idea is that rather than getting access to an overwhelming amount of stuff right away (and paying an overwhelming amount for it) you get everything in bite size amounts. At Drum Class, this gives you a chance to watch the video, practice what you’ve learned, use the Community to learn even more, and generally get the most out of every lesson before then next one comes along. You should never feel like you can’t keep up with the site, and the experience at Drum Class should never be overwhelming like the internet can often be!

The schedule is fixed for everyone. For example, if you signed up 12 months ago, you would currently have access to the first 11 months of Drum Class videos, and would be getting access to month 12 today. For a new member signing up today, they would have access to month 1 (the same Drum Class videos you saw in month 1 of your membership) and would follow the same schedule.

You don’t need to worry about losing access to material that you’ve paid for. If for some crazy reason you decide to cancel your membership during month 7, you will finish up month 7 and forever have access to all the content that you paid for up to that point. You can download the videos for safe keeping or continue to access them through the site.

If you decide a few months later that you’d like to continue your monthly subscription, no problem! After making your small monthly payment, you will pick up right where you left off. Continuing with the cancellation example above, you will now receive month 8 content and so on.

Also, as a reward for being a part of Drum Class, for every month that you’re an active member you’ll receive Drum Class Credits that can be used in the Credit Store. Once you’ve saved up enough, these credits can be redeemed on miscellaneous videos that are not part of the schedule. They’re typically much shorter, and focused on something that can be explained quickly. In time other things will be available in the store… like Drum Class T-Shirts if I can swing it! I hope the credit store becomes a real success!

If you have any additional questions about how all this works, feel free to contact me any time.

– Rich