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About The Site

Welcome to Drum Class!

After almost 20 years of playing professionally here in Montreal and around the world, I’ve been asked quite a few questions about drums and drumming. Questions like, “How do you play a shuffle”? “What’s your warm-up routine”? What is the inspiration for that groove you just played”?

This site is simply an organized set of answers to these questions in various videos.

A lot of these questions have been quite simple and general, which made me think of the kind of content that should be on this site. The answer was quite obvious, and can be summed up in a great quote by Mino Cinelu:

“The most difficult thing to play on drums is music”.

Our love of music is why we started playing the drums in the first place. As many of us progress as players, so does our technique, which can turn the importance to speed, flash, and ridiculously complicated ideas in our playing. This could leave us wondering what the most important thing about playing the drums is. Making music! Drum Class will give you the tools to become not only a better drummer, but a better musician in general.

Putting this site together is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m very excited that it’s finally up and running! I hope you have as much fun watching and learning from the videos as I have had putting it all together. So, explore the site, sign up for the free trial, and get ready to learn here at Drum Class.