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Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Blog

Ottawa clinic video

Here’s a video of my opening solo from the clinic last September. I played around with Monk’s “Think of One” for about 10 minutes, going in and out of different feels, tempos, and textures. The point of this solo was to show how playing the melody and hinting at key melodic figures throughout can hopefully give the listener a certain sense of connection and familiarity, and in the end, something to latch on to. Often times drum solos become a wash of chops (which can be amazing), with no real direction. I was hoping to give the crowd a strong sense of the melody, without actually hearing the tune!

Here’s the original. Monk-Think of One 1954 ┬áThelonious Monk(piano), Percy Heath(bass), Willie Jones(drums), Sonny Rollins(Tenor Sax)