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Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Blog

R.I.P. Ed Shaughnessy

Very sad to hear of the passing of drum great Ed Shaughnessy. His larger-than-life presence and monstrous swing will be sorely missed.

At the 1995 Montreal Drum Fest, Mr. Shaughnessy was a featured artist and needed a band to play with. The McGill Big Band was contacted to back him up, and, being a part of the band, I was to play a tune up front to warm them up for him. He approached me before the show with his big orange-tinted glasses, lamb chop sideburns, and gold chains and said these words:

“Kid. After your tune, you and I will do a duo thing. You know: Rich/Kruppa style. But remember. If you don’t play as good as me, I’ll by you a pizza afterwards. If you play better than me, I’ll break your arm.”

Needless to say, I played the show and left with both arms intact, and with an incredible feeling of being a part of something great. It was very generous of him to have included me in his show, but from what I understand, that’s just the kind of guy he was. R.I.P.