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Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and Refunds


Cancelling your Monthly Membership

If for some crazy reason you feel the need to cancel your Monthly Membership, it can be done any time. This means that you will finish out the current 30 day period that you’ve already paid for, and no further charges will be made. You will continue to have access to the site and all of the Drum Class material you’ve paid for up to this point. If at any time you wish to continue your membership, a seamless process will begin delivering your scheduled Drum Class videos right where you left off.


Several decisions were made when designing the site to allow the Monthly Membership to be easily cancelled, but to completely avoid processing refunds. The most important was the decision to provide monthly billing together with a very low monthly fee. This means that a large payment up front for a long period (eg. a one year membership) is not necessary. As a result, you’re never paying for anything you’ll receive in the future. You’re only paying a small fee for content that you have access to now. As mentioned in the Cancellation section above, the 30 day billing cycle allows you to cancel your membership in the current billing cycle, finish out your current access to Drum Class (however many days are left in the 30 day period you’ve already paid for), and not be charged after that. For this reason alone, we do not process refunds. So please, if for whatever reason you feel the need to cancel your membership, rather than waiting for the next month / billing cycle to start (meaning that you will already have been charged for this new 30 day period and you will already have received access to the new Drum Class videos), please just cancel your membership before the next billing cycle starts. Following this advice will make things easier on everyone.


If you are already a member (this includes being a free trial member) you have access to the Drumming Community. So please go to the Using the Website Forum where someone may have already asked the same question (and if not – please create a new topic/question).

Using the Website

Otherwise (since you don’t have access to the Forum), click here to send me an email.

– Rich