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We’re always working to make Drum Class better! But if you’re having trouble with something, here’s what you can do to get help.

NOTE: This page is for help with the site. Click here for help with drumming related questions.

1. First a quick note on Browsers. Drum Class works best with Firefox. Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are good too, but the experience is better with Firefox. Whichever browser you choose, make sure you have the latest version.

2. If you’re already a member, go to the Using the Website Forum. You may find the answer to what you’re looking for. If not, start a new topic and myself or someone else will help you out. You may not get an immediate response, so it’s best for not-so-urgent questions, or for something that’s worth getting input and opinions from several members on.

Using the Website

To get someone’s attention in the Forums you can mention their username. For example, put @drumsome somewhere in what you’re writing, and I’ll get an email letting me know about what you wrote.

3. If you have an urgent question (usually a technical or billing issue) you should open a support request. This system is monitored so that we can deal with important issues quickly. You can also open a support request to report a problem with the site, or even if you’re just not comfortable writing in the Community.

Open a Support Request


My email address and a link to open a support request is included in every email message sent to you from Drum Class. So just keep one of those emails handy and you’ll always be able to get help.

If there’s something you feel should be added to this page, just let me know.