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Video Critique

Video Critique

If you have specific questions that go beyond what the videos themselves or the community can answer, or if you want to really fine tune your playing, then it’s time for the video critique! Send me a video of your playing, and I’ll reply with a video response that will break down the problem areas and give you some great “one-on-one” feedback.

Here’s how it works:

1). Email me so we can discuss your expectations and be sure that we’re both beating the same drum (so to speak). This is also to check my availability and discuss time frames.
2). We’ll have a conversation to discuss what you’re having trouble with and what you’d like to see in the video. I’ll also describe what I need to see in your video
3). You will pay for the video critique (click here for pricing). This will make the upload page available
4). You will upload your video
5). You will mark the upload as private or public. Public meaning that I can use the video on the site (maybe as an example of what a submitted video may look like), or Private – meaning just for you and me!
6). I will review your video and put together the response
7). I will follow up to address any questions and clarification you might need after you get a chance to watch it. I’ll do my best here – but this is not open ended. If you’ve got lots of stuff to work on, you’ll need to purchase another critique (or if you’re in town, a private lesson).

That’s pretty much it. To purchase a video critique, simply click the Make a Payment button. This will take you to a new page where you can make the appropriate payment selection. Also, please check out the general terms and conditions below.

– Rich

Make A Payment

General Terms and conditions:

1). You’ve got 30 days after purchasing the Video Critique to upload your video. Based on my schedule, I can only accept a certain amount of requests. If there’s no limit to when you can send me your video, I could easily end up with way too many responses to create at any given time. So, this restriction is all about me being able to manage the number of video critiques I can put together each month. That’s all.

2). Once the video is up, I’ll need a bit of time to check it out and shoot the response. This time frame will be discussed prior to accepting payment.

3).¬†Finally, if for some reason you decide that you don’t want go through with it after uploading your video, please let me know immediately! If I’ve already started putting the response together, there’s just too much effort involved to give you a refund. I’m a good guy, and we’ll try to work something out. If you haven’t uploaded the video yet, a refund is no problem. But, I’ll need to hang on to any admin fees for payment processing (which could be a couple of bucks depending on how you paid).